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What you feed is what you get:

 Farm Fresh is still a thing. Get high quality pork straight from our farm to your family. 

Our animals are never fed a diet that includes soy, corn, or GMO ingredients. We feed all-natural, premium ingredients that positively impact the health of our animals and consumers. 

We believe in natural. We don't use added growth hormones. Our animals are carefully selected for natural characteristics that enhance our program and the animal's performance. 

Heat isn't great for pigs. Our farmstead is nestled in the heart of southwestern Montana where our milder winters and warm summers are perfect for raising livestock and our family. Our animals live their entire lives in our care and we are able to be responsible stewards of our land and resources. 

When you purchase from us, you're not supporting some commercial, multi-state conglomerate farming enterprise, you're supporting a local, multi-generational farming family who is putting their heart and soul in positively influencing the meat industry and their consumer. We are becoming the primary source of meat for many families around the country who have struggled for years with the meat they were eating. 


You make this possible. We greatly appreciate your support! Together, let's change the way America sees meat!


Higher Standards

We are committed to producing a quality meat product unlike anything else available on the market. We utilize a USDA inspected processing facility and are USDA inspected ourselves so that we can bring quality products from our farm to your plate. 


Quality Feed

We believe that what you feed is what you get. All of our stock is fed our proprietary grain blend we mix right here on the farm. This complete blend is not only beautiful, but highly nutritional, creating a difference you not only see, but taste. 


What Meat Should Be

Soy- and corn-free, non-GMO and no added hormones or antibiotics. Exactly the way nature intended. We are a farrow to finish producer meaning we care for our animals from the minute they're born through processing to ensure quality every step of the way.  

(Don't just take our word for it, check out what out customers have to say!)



"Thank you so much for sending our Triple F Pigs merch order all the way to Alaska !!! The shirts are so soft and the kids love the stickers !

Hopefully we can visit you all in Montana soon and taste some of your delicious product BUT until then will be cheering you on from afar !!"

Debbie Lou Tenney

November 17, 2020

"We bought one of the Ford’s pork packages recently, and they are AMAZING! The pork is so fresh and tender! We love the dedication they put into feeding their animals the best possible nutrition and the hard work they put in to make it available to our community. Thank you!"

Terri Medina

March 19, 2020


"They always have amazing pork! Love getting pork from people I know work hard to provide healthy meat WITHOUT all the chemicals they use at the stores. I know when I put it on the table my kids are getting the best. And my kids love this pork. They are always excited when I tell them what we’re eating.."

Ben Vande Sandt

November 13, 2019

"Amazing pork products!!! We purchased sausage, ground pork and bacon. We will be purchasing our pork products from this family from now on!"

Ayrne Meyer Parrish

October 30, 2019

"They have fantastic pork it!"

Jen Simmons

October 13, 2019


"Awesome family and amazing pork!!! Haven’t ever tasted anything as flavorful or tender. Pamela and her family are incredibly knowledgeable and are truly making a difference in the local food industry.

Would highly recommend and am a die-hard repeat customer!

Definitely give them a try, you won’t regret it!"

Courtney Anderson 

August 28, 2019

"Well done at the Beaverhead County Fair 2018... so many purple ribbon pigs...

Promoting a healthier food for you and your family"

Ruth Jackson

August 30, 2018


Select 4-H Hogs Available

Your Next Champion is Waiting

While our packaged pork is our primary focus, each year we raise a select number of market hogs  to be used in 4-H and FFA programs. 

Litters are carefully selected from champion bloodlines we've integrated into our program to produce a superior show animal, both in live presentation and finished carcass. We raise and meticulously care for all of our show animals and have a proven track record of raising Champion Hogs. 

We never want cost to be a barrier for our youth to have a quality animal project. We're proud to offer champion-type hogs at an affordable price and love watching our youth succeed!

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