Do you know what's in your meat? 

When you know where your food comes from and how it's produced , you can better make decisions that impact your health. 

Triple F Pigs is committed to producing quality pork products that are free of phytoestrogens commonly found in soy and GMO residues found in corn, the primary diets of commercially raised animals.  We feed quality, all-natural ingredients with a difference you can taste.

See for yourself:

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We’re the Ford Family Five — Jeff, Pamela, Clinton, Rylee, and Olivia

Triple F Pigs was established in 2017 when what started as a passion to provide wholesome food for our family turned into a calling to help families across the country. Our animals and products are raised corn and soy-free and meticulously cared for from farrow to finish.


Whether you are interested in purchasing packaged pork, half or whole hogs, or are looking for your next 4-H show hog,  you’ve come to the right place.


Take a look around, we’re excited to show you around our family farm.


Our Pork is

Corn and Soy Free

Hormone Free