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Wholesale Meats

We are proud to partner with local grocery stores and restaurants to provide quality meats to all of Southwestern Montana. 


USDA Certified

Triple F Pigs is a USDA Certified Pork Producer and can provide various high-quality cuts to the grocery and restaurant retailers. Our pork is second to none in flavor and beautiful in appearance. Let us help to make you stand out to your consumers and patrons. 

Stuffed Bacon Rolls

Wholesale Markets


Grocery Marketplaces

We are perfect for restaurants as a local pork option.        Customers will fall in love with our flavorful, melt-in-your-mouth, cuts. Our pork is marbled to perfection and sure to be your next delicacy. 

Local and competitively priced as a pork option. 

At Triple F Pigs we can supply a variety of quality cuts your consumers are sure to love.  

Image by Evan Wise
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Image by Julia Zyablova

Thanks for supporting local businesses!

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Looking to place a Wholesale Order?

Please fill out the contact information below and we'll reach out to you shortly with more information. 

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