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Shipping Policy 

We are a small family farm that raises from start to finish everything that we sell and ship it direct from our farmstead in Dillon, MT. We can reach most of the contiguous United States with Next-Day or 2-Day Air Express offered by UPS. Unfortunately, shipping via air is one of the more expensive methods, but it is the best in order to ensure the quality of our products in arriving fresh to our customers. Being a smaller operation we cannot absorb the costs to offer free shipping, however, we do offer local pick-up and delivery options. 

How do you Calculate Shipping Costs? 

We do our best to be as efficient and simple and as cost effective as possible. When checking out through the store, you will be asked to enter your zip code, the package weight is calculated off the items you have selected and this is the information UPS will use to calculate the shipping rate. We have all locations already established in UPS, so they are able to calculate all applicable sales tax as well. 

We ship using a standard sized cooler box, so the amount of items purchased  will only affect the total weight of your package. 

When do you Ship? 

We will ship once weekly on Tuesdays, with the exception of major holidays. By shipping at the start of the week we can ensure that your pork arrives frozen, and does not sit over the weekend or holiday in a storage facility where it will thaw.

As we grow and expand, we hope to be able to expand our shipping dates. 

What is the Shipping Cutoff? 

Typically, any order placed the Monday morning before the shipping date will make it out Tuesday morning. While we do our best to ship everything out in a timely manner, we do have some shipping logistics, including dry ice, we have to account for, so we simply cannot accommodate last minute orders at this time. Any orders placed the morning of our shipping date will be sent out on the next ship date. 


Where do you Ship? 

We are able to ship to all 48 contiguous United States. If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, please reach out to us via email or phone and we will see if we can make a delivery possible. Next-Day and 2-Day Air are often not feasible options to these locations due to cost. But if there's a will, there's a way!

Will I Receive Tracking for my Order? 

You should receive two emails, one a confirmation of your order with the details of your purchase, the second should be an email from UPS at the time your order is shipped. This second email will provide you your tracking information and shipping details. 

If you have not received either of these emails, please check your spam folder in your email. If you still cannot find the information, please send us an email at or, and we'll find your order information and resend confirmation, if available. 

Do you Ship Frozen or Fresh? 

Everything we ship is packaged fresh and frozen to ensure the integrity of the meat for storage. Quality meat is determined more through genetics, lifestyle and diet than whether it is fresh or frozen. Our processes do all of these things exceptionally well. 

How is my Meat Packaged?

We utilize a UDSA certified and inspected facility to process and package our pork products into vacuum sealed packages. We verify the weights of each of your products and make sure your order looks perfect before packaging it in our cooler boxes, adding the dry ice to keep it nice and cold on its journey to you, and then seal it up and label it. We drop the packages off at UPS Tuesday and away they go!
If there is ever an issue with your order, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

What if there is no Dry Ice? 
All orders are shipped in insulated Styrofoam coolers. It is fairly common to have very little to no dry ice remaining in the cooler upon delivery. If this is the case, it is not a cause for concern. If your products are still cold to the touch, the quality has not been affected. 

You may refreeze the product for up to one year if it is not removed from its original packaging. Otherwise, refrigerate the product for serving for up to seven (7) days. 

It is our job to get our products to you in great condition, if your product is not cold when it arrives, please contact us immediately and we will issue a refund

There's an Item Missing from my Shipment.
From time to time, we may have a supply quantity discrepancy. At our discretion, we may need to replace out of stock items with other, suitable products of equal quality, value and weight. If there are several items out of stock, or of a quality we do not feel would be acceptable, or make you as happy as your original order, we will refund you those items. Refunds will show up on your card within a few days or a week. 

Do you Accept Returns?  

As per the laws of the USDA we cannot accept returned meat. If you have an issue with your order, please contact or

Please remember we try our very best but we are still human. We will continue to work hard to ensure our customers' satisfaction and continue to earn your business. Your support means the world to us!


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