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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Growing up on ranches in Montana, both Jeff and I learned a lot about ourselves, responsibility and gratitude for the hard work that goes into the food we raise. Now as we bring up our three children in beautiful southwest Montana, we want to continue the legacy. Triple F Pigs started as a way for us to honor our upbringings as well as to connect with the food we placed on our family's table.

In 2016, it shifted from a passion for the agriculture industry and turned into a calling to help others. That fall, we lost my mom, MaryAnn, to breast cancer. It was heartbreaking and earthshattering. Following her initial diagnosis, we learned a great deal about the effect certain foods have on someone’s body. In my mom’s instance, her cancer fed off estrogen, and her diet was drastically altered as a result. 

Soy is one of the world’s main sources of protein. Soy also contains a high concentration of isoflavones, a type of plant estrogen (phytoestrogen) similar in function to human estrogen. When consumed hormone levels are changed, our bodies then do not function properly. While soy definitely has its place in the food system, we are committed to keeping it out of ours—both in memory of my mom and for the many others with dietary restrictions we have met since her passing. Providing soy-free hogs for the health of others keeps us going, and we are honored to provide this option to our family, friends and customers. We are The Ford Family Five (Triple F Pigs), and we are so glad you are here!

Our Hogs: Berkshire

Originating in the southern region of England, this breed of pig is known as the Kobe beef of pork, having an outstanding carcass quality, marbling, texture and flavor.


Brought to the states in the early 1800's, this breed has been carefully maintained and is now considered a heritage breed. Most lines can be traced to the Berkshire pigs of England!

We are building our brand and our business on Berkshire pigs. As we continue to implement more of their genetics into our herd we fall more and more in love with them. These amazing creatures are fantastic mothers and known for their superior meat quality, marbling, sweet flavor, consistency, and calm dispositions. We work hard to ensure that our pigs are carefully selected to maintain the characteristics the breed is known for, and we throw a little show class in on top of it. You really can have the best of both worlds.

Our 4-H'ers can tell you, our pigs knock it out of the park in carcass quality; producing meat that is richer in color, firmer in texture, juicy, and flavorful. All of these characteristics contribute to decadently palatable pork that has just a touch of sweetness. 


Our Cows: Jerseys

While the exact origin of the Jersey is still debated, it is most widely accepted that this breed of cattle originated on the Island of Jersey off the coast of Great Britain. Some accounts place them in the United States as early as 1657, however, these early Jerseys are not the commercial breed we've come to know. They were more of a medium-sized polled cow and heritage societies have been working to preserve these original genetics. 


Jerseys are most notably famous for producing the richest and arguably, most flavorful milk. Boasting roughly 18% more protein and 20% more calcium compared to the average of all other milking breeds, this breed is also one of the most efficient at converting feed to energy and milk. With easy personalities and beautiful looks, the Jersey has become a staple for the family farmer. 


Our Jerseys are also the lifeline to our pigs. Upon occasion we find ourselves with orphaned litters and in these times our cows milk is vital to the success of these piglets. 


Our Cows: Herefords

Perhaps the first English cattle to be classified as an official breed, the Hereford has a long and rich history. This breed is first mentioned in documentation from the Herefordshire region of Wales dating back to the early 1600's and was brought to the Americas in 1817.

This breed is extremely adaptable to many climates and is currently established as a recognized breed in over 50 countries! Renowned for their outstanding meat quality, docile nature and exceptional mothering ability, these cattle mature early, have a greater rate of gain when compared to other breeds, and are known for their longevity. It's not uncommon for a cow to continue calving well into her mid- to late-teens!

While our children initially selected this breed for their calm and laid back demeanor, we love them for their amazing ability to convert grass into beef! Our children have been working hard to establish a herd bred for longevity, similar to our Jerseys, developed with genetics from some of the best Herford breeders in the nation. 

Our Birds:

Heritage Breeds

Many of today's poultry breeds have been genetically selected for traits that either enhance egg production or meat development. While this practice has its benefits, birds that are good layers are often poor in meat quality and vice versa.


Heritage breeds of poultry have not been genetically modified to produce specifically eggs or meat. Instead, these birds are dual-purpose, meaning that not only are they good layers, but they are also good meat producers as well. 

We select cold-tolerant heritage breeds for their functionality during Montana's fluctuating springs and cold winters. We do have a couple fun ornamental birds just to keep things interesting though. These heritage birds are fairly consistent layers throughout the year, except during the extremely cold months and produce meat that is tender and juicy. 

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