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Whole and Half Hogs

Every hog finishes at a different rate which means different sizes and weights. We do not have flexibility in our processing dates so they go as they are, some bigger some smaller. 

We try to get our hogs to finish out between 250-280 pounds, it doesn’t always happen but we do our best.

Whole hog purchasing price is $1,200.00 (roughly 120-150 pounds of finished product), all processing is included and done in a USDA inspected facility.


Half a hog (roughly 60-75) pounds of finished-90 pounds and exactly half the cuts) is $650.00. All processing is included and done in a USDA inspected facility.

Payment is expected in advance and we only advertise on our social media when we have extras available. We will deliver free of charge to your doorstep within 100 miles of our home or if you are on the route coming from the processor, additional mileage will be charged for delivery on anything past 100 miles but we will only deliver within the state of Montana. Fuel is not inexpensive these days.

These are the most common cuts that we have done for our retail business but the processor is happy to go over all of the different options available.


Each hog finishes out to roughly give you 144-150 pounds of meat that can be:

       Ham and Ham Steaks​

       Thick-cut Chops (Both Bone-in and Bone-out)

       Tenderloins or Loin Roasts

       Bacon (ours is uncured) - including ends. 

       Spare Ribs and Baby Back Ribs

       Roasts - excellent for pulled pork and fajita meat

       Trim Meat - that can be turned into Fresh Bratwurst, Mountain Red Sausage,
                                    Mild Breakfast Sausage and Plain Ground Pork. 


Please keep in mind this is not commercially raised pork, we hand grind our own custom soy and corn free rations daily; we put countless hours in to keeping these animals safe, happy and healthy. They only have one bad day in their entire life. We drive 760 miles just to get them to a USDA inspected processor and back as a finished product. It is not cheap, but we are very proud of the product we produce. There is a difference that you can taste!

Contact for Availability

We have a limited quantity of hogs available. Please contact us to reserve yours today. 

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